Historie Teamkampioenschappen 1989 - heden

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2024 Hopeloos Back2Base Shakin Arrows Pinwinx Pinshitters Spot On
2023 Soffritti Bowling stones Shakin Arrows Boem Boem Back2Base Pinwinx
2022 Boem Boem Bowling stones Shakin Arrows Hi-5 De Blieken Lucky Pinfall
2019 Back2Base Back Again No Mercy Boem Boem Het 12e team Sweepers
2018 De Blieken Pinwinx Spot On Bowling stones Jeugd B.I.E.R.
2017 Back2Base Shakin Arrows Knock-Outs Hi-5 Full Power De Blieken
2016 De Blieken Shakin Arrows Lucky Pinfall Spuit Elluf B.I.E.R. Hi-5
2015 Shakin Arrows Boem Boem Knock-Outs Gertenbach Soffritti (do) Lord of the Pins
2014 Sparewers Lucky Pinfall Pinwinx Lord of the Pins Knock-Outs Van Dijk
2009 Soffritti Goudzoekertjes Knock-Outs Tien is Strike Ciolina Sweepers
2008 Lucky Pinfall Gertenbach De Pletters Sparewers Ciolina DIXI
2007 Insigne Knock-Outs Ster Parket Spuit Elluf Ciolina Pinwinx
2006 Insigne
2005 Soffritti
2004 Still Learning
2003 Legian
2002 De Rollers
2001 Legian B.I.E.R. Knock-Outs De Pletters The Pins Velgedo
2000 Fyffes De Rollers De Pletters Klaver Vier Vertraco Soffritti
1999 Sparewers
1998 Banana Split Lucky Pinfall Ciolina B.I.E.R. The Pins Velgedo
1997 Velgedo Thunderballs Knock-Outs De Pletters The Pins Velgedo
1996 De Kanjers
1995 De Rollers Steenoven Lucky Pinfall T.C.A. Ciolina Banana Split
1994 Anroba Lucky Pinfall Strike IJzers Ciolina Thunderballs Knock-Outs
1993 Ciolina Soffritti Klaver Vier Vertraco De Pinnies Pinaction
1992 Stuiteraars The Pins Soffritti Easy Rollers Klaver Vier Gootgooiers
1991 Ciolina De Pletters Klaver Vier Pink Panthers Anroba Soffritti
1990 Lucky Pinfall
1989 Fame Sparewers De Pletters Lucky Pinfall Piet v.d. Knaap Easy Rollers